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October 22, 2018

When a person leave the cult of Scientology and speaks out about it

Some gets rewarded with a hate site strictly personal and often with a lot of material from their secret confessions ..... of a very private natures.


Relatives and friends from Scientology might be speaking out and tell the world about how bad you are - Damned ex scientologist.

Very very bad every day, in school and outside... Black and white is the thing.




Even the earliest babysitters whiteness it ... (Pls dont mixup the world babysitter with the expression Scieno-sitter, wich is the Scientology software that alters the operative software on your computor)



Nuanced? NO! It is Scientology


And this is about a former member that have been crazy enough to tell the truth about what he went through into his Scientology family.


In scientology farm everything is nice and and ....



However Nathan Rich wrote a book about his life into a Scientology family





Nathan Rich

Author to one of the best books written about Scientology form the inside. A Book that also might be hinting us about why many books never was written.




Scythe TLepPo


Why does this remind me about Scientology?



 ScyThe Tleppo

Could this book be able to save David Miscavige's marriage to Shelley Miscavige? Some say that it is so. What do we know




Today i dont even know the best adress to Shelley Miscavige! and the Blue Jay base in near arrowhead twin peaks is it

Church of Spiritual technology CST

Shelley Miscavige

Po Box 631, Blue Jay, CA 92317


Lets start HOLY Travel - so ordinarily Prehubbards and Preclear can travel and look down on the holy Scientologist from and Airbaloon or a new airship Zeppeliner. David are you ready ?



 Nathan Rich


 Scientology Drug abuse



Nathan Rich  with Ron Miscavige


Thanks to Scientology L Ron Hubbard Hagiographers with reality in mind, for the inspiration and facts about Scientologist Hagiography



Nathan Rich Hot Pot




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