Get CLEAR from past historical  memories
help and don't fall in to L Ron Hubbard traps
Dianetics Auditing means listening
But is Commanding

Welcome to the little word of L Ron Hubbard where word and real meaning not alway are very clear at all. Auditing means listening and when you are listening to other command given to you, You will alter the weights of meanings into the core ..

When you think you know the meaning

Then it's not so sure anymore. Cause by causing and heighten beliefs of understanding the word and its definitions and at the same time falling into a trap of the meaning, then you might belief that you understand a lot more than you really do. And yes that might be comfortable to begin width.

Clear having all the Perspective


But never told what is ahed. Just relying on the old framework of what has been working. But if someone wants to sell you a bridge, be sure to really know what roads is ahead. Cause this bridge might not aloud you to step of without leaving everything you had on your way up.

-LRH had Abberation against psychiatry and become hyper reactive against critics. So has also David Miscavige proved his reactive mind in the mindset from dianetics to Scientology that the state Clear is not yet to be and lacks scientific proofs.
Red Eyes Clear Eye Mentalist
Dr. Juicy Buddha-Tunes Mac Lash


Better than every known laser methods, because this one is not laser but Maser and so much stronger. the real deal for making an hologram. And you will feel so free and totally burned out.

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Make Scientology & Dianetics take a personality test. What can be done about the reactive mind to critics and scientific proof in reality?


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