Scientology free Stress Test

A lady once offered a free stress test to L Ron Hubbard framework Scientology.

And this showed the world

-How Scientology is not only reactive but hyper-reactive to critics

-That reality creates stress in Scientology & affects the Scientologist

Paulette Cooper was shown the smorgasbord of Dianetics and Scientology has inherited from L Ron Hubbard as the hyper-reactivity in mind and mindsets against anything that might be perceived as fundamental critics.

One woman who more than many other has revealed the function of the stress test as well as the reactivity in Dianetics & Scientology is Miss Lovely Paulette Cooper.

Some have argued that this was just because of pure jealousy, since Paulette Cooper could appear in Playboy just as she was & that could Hubbard to - Facing the fact that she was an author and he was an scandal. Facing the fact about L Ron Hubbard and his well known reactivity, the reactivity he tried to get Clear from but never really succeeded to manage.

Paulette Cooper is more than the 30 kilo passenger + luggage passenger 6F that arrived to US 2.13 Pm 28 August at Idlewild with a ball in her hands.

Paula Bucholc 6 years old

Her Father and Mother Chaim Bucholc and Ruchla Minkowski was killed in Auschwitz By the Nazi

Only 27 years old she wrote about Scientology, the dangerous shit that almost cost her her life..

The Scandal of Scientology the book that Scientologist tried to stop. A chilling examination that later came to reveal the true nature of L Ron Hubbard's reactivity and that he was far away from clear from his goal to self-healing by Scientology.

L Ron Hubbard was prematurely but that alone is not the probable cause of his psychopathology says a chorus of voices from the engram-banks of history. The reincarnation of Hubbard is delayed ... until a controllable candidate is near...

Clearly reactive Scientologists in Scientology... What else do we know?

Possibly related : Tupperware Party @ Jeff Marino

9k Dogma party at Jeff Marino (REDACTED AND REDACTED...) in Commac - Centerport. (jeffrey Kim Marino) Pls be aware that 5XYKTCA61CG204390 Vin# to the Kia Sorento 2012 model no longer is up to date since he shifted to a newer model of how Scientology (REDACTED) writer linking tends to be without the mentioning the most obvious. REDACTED is a nicer expression than censoring?

Scientology agent orange style & attacking civilian with dissociative effects

Attacking an civilians from above with agent orange might result in chromosomal damage, but now the warning about 5XYKTCA61CG204390 Vin# is obsolete with a new owner, right?

So the abberated genetics of Jeffrey Kim damaged DNA might not be there in any larger quantities to poison society

Jeff do you ever ....

LRon Hubbard Gallery Obelus Asterisking in G -

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Make Scientology & Dianetics take a personality test. What can be done about the reactive mind to critics and scientific proof in reality?


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