Scientology base Wyoming

December 25, 2017

Once a very secret Scientology base in Sweetwater county outside of Rock Springs in Wyoming US. Now nothing much has happened in many years, in some ways.


Drone photo by angry thetan on Scientology OT channel (Ortega Tony)

David Miscavige had followed in the footsteps of the grandiose grandeur's of L Ron Hubbard in order to save his written works to the afterworld or maybe even longer to spread his books in the milky way and the rest of the galaxies before next big bang again proofs that learning is just a timed local act.

Sweetwater County, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Thousand and thousands of years old cultural landscape



 Sweetwater County, Rock Springs, Wyoming



Church of Scientology map Direction google earth

Scientology base Sweetwater ranch, Rock Springs, Wyoming closeup.

  • Map data ©2017 Imagery ©2017 NASA, TerraMetrics




Google Drive

Scientology base


Church base Wyoming 2014



Sweeney Ranch Wyoming 2009

Now a base to the church of scientology that in the landscape intended for farming, without permit starting to drilling and digging and underground vault just like a military operation in foreign land, the authorities find out through worried local farmers who chocked find out that parts of the hillside was transported away from the place it have been for thousands of thousands of years before.


Without any permission whatsoever.


Sweeney Ranch Wyoming 2006


 1994 the very same place outside Rock springs in Wyoming. Scientology had no permission to start drilling into the landscape and has in fact been ordered to reinstate the landscape to it’s original state. But the Church of Scientology shows the religious bigotry as any army org on foreign land. Nothings seems to have been reinstated to something near the original shape form or





2009 – 2014 and … the signs of the abandoned Scientology base is very similar of those today. So not much activity seems to have taking place att the location. After Scientology Church got the letter to its Spiritual Technology center, that their ignorance had resulted in how the church of Scientology fair gamed itself into the tunnel-sight and was not getting a permit to continue with the constructional works. Taking care of fundamental relation seems to never have been the strong parts of scientology.

Eroding signs and collapsing holes into the ground

Collapsing hillsides into the old cultural landscape of the USA



Loading Sweeney Ranch Base.mp4.




October 9. 2015

Church of Spiritual Technology

RE: Certificate of Dissolution I Revocation

Church of Spiritual Technology, 2013-000648311

l, EDWARD F. MURRAY, III, Secretary of State of the State of Wyoming, do hereby certify

that Church of Spiritual Technology, a business entity qualified under the laws of the State

of Wyoming, did on 08/09/2013 file its Certificate of Authority in the office of the Secretary of

State of Wyoming.

I FURTHER CERTIFY that Church of Spiritual Technology was revoked on 10/09/2015 for

failure to deliver its 2015 annual report(s) or pay the annual license tax to the Secretary of



Edward F. Murray, III

Secretary of State

By: Jeri Melsness, Business Division Director



Scientology Church Cult

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