Scientology L Ron Hubbard gets Auditing

October 9, 2019


Fortunately we are now able to reveal the logic's in the E-meter sessions and auditing with the fonder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard.

He is back and to start with he starts where he left of, right?

Trying to become clear! Since no-one yet have become clear in any way sense or measurement of the original description of the state of Clear, L Ron Hubbard now maybe really can show of with more than the science fiction of modern health as Dianetics?


No i killed my brother i killed him by stressing my mother - L Ron Hubbard insists hard and brutal. He just keeps on repeating this and how he did not want any competition at all. He wanted to be their only child.



I am the Suppressive Person, I am SP, I am the Potential Trouble Source PTS, I am the source of it all.


I Killed my brother L Ron Hubbard confess! I was the original suppressive person to my un-borned brother. They where just on that old fortunate trip to the Niagara falls and listening to the fruitful sounds of water....


Since so many human individuals are so negative to L Ron Hubbard, we decided to proof that Lron can be right in what he says during the audition.



Over the rainbow in Sea org and its origin in how L Ron Hubbard was left out to play with the word "rainbow" and the fact that his father was gone in a way hard to understand there and then.


Harry Ross Hubbard was not a rich man, that's the truth but he run to the rainbow and was in debhts for long a long time when L Ron Hubbard was young, This fact might have shaped Lrons dreams of being the richest boy in Nebraska when he was young, says Hubbard in the end of this E-meter auditing sessions.

Think how great the auditing sessions can be when we all can see what they consists of, our dear readers and friends. I was afraid of doctor's and my mothers bad health was most probably inherited. Some diseases runs in the families


L Ron Hubbard jokes about how his father Harry Ross remarried.

-It is fun to have a new body. and to hear and see what they say about me!

Even Square footed frogs can jump & Rings on the water says Hubbard and runs away howling

We still don't know if Lafayette Ronald Hubbard who wrote the Science fiction of mental health just kidding with us and tried to write a new fairy telling story or whatever happened, just as you now know.


L Ron Hubbard in the onion garden of Tulippa bay, or something ... LRH is SOURCE so who are we to question him...



Scientology Lies - Supressive Person SP For Change by the BillboardBabes



The Billboard Babes T-Shirt with two male models. Potential Trouble Source PTS as an SP Suppressive Person


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