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December 21, 2017

Scientology Maps now updated from the great Scientology maps covering Int base even called Gold base, to Twin Peaks CST base in San Bernadino and further on to Clearwater, Florida, USA.


And the whispering wind ranch where L Ron Hubbard spend his last day in the Bluebird motor-home. As well as the earlier Home of L Ron Hubbard in Camelback, Arizona. Not to forget the CST base in Twin Peaks


Making it easier to use google earth Maps when traveling from Scientology church in California to Florida and the Scientology flag organization in Downtown of Clearwater


Scientology  Church Map

Making traveling between the churches and orgs so much easier.



Scientology L Ron Hubbard org

Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization


Church org data

210 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA
scientology fso org
+1 727-467-5000



Whispering Wind Ranch Near Creston

The last home of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard

Also known as the likely place of the event when L Ron Hubbard Reincarnate into a meat-body again and as Thetan goes with his new body to request the copyright of his trademark.


LRH Church org data - Geo locating address information

Here is LRH supposed to reincarnate 35.452848, -120.501856 - maybe guided by the signs he designed from the former body. Since the Cremation no one has seemed the smoke out of him or his smokescreens. The question is of the new leader will accept the next one to confess that you are the L Ron Hubbard in a new body, do you want to test? Here is the last stop on Spiritual tourism from above, in the journey for alien space being and humans looking down at the church of scientology and the actions of the Scientologist.


Just as turkeys loves thanksgiving

L Ron Hubbard was addicted in the most years of his life to Nicotine, a very hard addiction that shared into the environment by Cigarette smoking compulsive. When Dianetics started up L Ron Hubbard gives Amphetamines to the persons receiving Dianetics therapy, to wake them up and speed up the process. Is this the best questions to the test the next Reincarnation prospect? YoYoHUBB. -Then To test if the new body still remember the start of Dianetics and Scientology holy scriptures? Q1 To speed up the smokescreen as responsible Q2 Spiritual tourist looking down at the pretentious holy


Spiritual Travel in time -. Eventually kebab bombing some of the bases if hunger is suspected., send in som raw meat. We donate to and comes with a helping hand. Cult check & Sect Check, what is best in audition a reincarnated L Ron Hubbard? And would David Miscavige ever let in the new reincarnated leader - When the true Thetan comes to get his Copyrighted trademarks?


How many have confessed in the E-meter auditing already? And what is the odds on David Miscavige letting any Thetan other than him having the kingdom of Scientology..


Scientogy tried to Erase the account on Vimeo due to the use of the name Scientology - And did succed- - fantastic soince L Ron Hubbard stole the name scientology .


 So we show the Twin peaks base instead



and will post another : Gold base INT Scientology baseThanks to Scientology shit.


-Twin Peaks CST base Scientology Church of Spiritual Technology


-Directions from Scientology church to Scientology Clearwater


twin peaks into squirell road


Church Of Scientology - Gold Base - Food Stock Location, Gilman Springs Road, San Jacinto, California, USA -The Castle


The RTC Building


Scientology "INT" Gold Base


The Castle Scientology's movie studio


"Eagle" lookout Sniper location


The Swamp


"OGH" Area and 33 more geo positions in Gold Base int or nearby associated locations. Used by LRH L Ron Hubbard related technology as Scientology, Dianetics or the leader of Scientology and CST Church Spiritual Technology of today David Miscavige.



Clearwater, Florida


500-598 Pierce St, Clearwater, FL 33756, USA


Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization


L Ron Hubbard Reincarnation place


L. Ron Hubbard House at Camelback


Twin Peaks base Scientology


Scientology L Ron Hubbard org

Twin Peaks base Scientology 



Church org data

The Scientology cult mystical place where the great leader's David Miscavige says have been placing his wife (Michelle ""Shelly" Bennet - Miscavige) after coming back and having a rage about things that happened while away. Weeks after that ... Shelly Miscavige disappeared from her friends and public appearance many years ago. Scientology Twin peaks base -But is she there? View in to the compound. Surveillance camera facing the road visible. Since Scientology does not want to show it's blind-spots. But can it really see its self? 






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