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December 16, 2017

LRH  L Ron Hubbard started Scientology with the book Dianetics.


Here we can listen to comments about Scientology and life as a Scientologist. But even wider than being in a cult, by leaving the cult and becoming an Ex Scientology and an expert on Scientology form inside and outside. Holding the perspective.



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Ex Scientologist interviewing an ex Scientologist about Scientology, Dianetics and auditing and basically growing up and living in Scientology (as an member, in a lifestyle, by it's internal culture)


                                              Nathanael Rich thinking back, Philosophic


- hi everyone and welcome back to growing up in Scientology we are talking again with Nathan Rich. I think this is part six man yeah yeah it's been a while hey -everybody I promised you guys we'd be back by popular demand so here we are all right so what were we talking about- we were talking about some what is-Scientology gonna do when when weed is -legal in all states recreationally -they're gonna be flicked I think we've -got it all right so here's what I was -saying I was pointing out that so many -of the things that Hubbard wrote was him -just being a person of his time not -necessarily being particularly clever -like you know the stuff he wrote in -Dianetics and science of survival -bashing homosexuals um now he might have -personally been anti-homosexual but it -was also okay to say that back then he -was being a person of his time it was -okay to be anti-homosexual the stuff he -said about marijuana being terrible I -definitely feel it was just because -marijuana was illegal it was easy to say -marijuana was terrible when it's illegal -you never hear Hubbard say well he might -say some things about you know you can't -drink alcohol I was gonna say you'll -never hear and say alcohol is bad he -says you can't drink alcohol within -hours of an auditing session but you -don't get in trouble in Scientology for -drinking alcohol you might have to do -some ethics handlings for drinking it in -excess frequently but you will get in -trouble for drinking I'm sorry for -smoking weed that no matter how -infrequently and I feel the only reason -he ever wrote anything about we being -bad for your reactive mind and your -engrams and what whatnot is because it -was illegal and it's easy to say it's -bad it's bad when society has already -outlawed it and then if Hubbard had -written Dianetics during the Prohibition -he probably would have said alcohol was -terrible for your reactive mind and -Scientologists would never have been -able to drink alcohol and then we were -sitting there saying well once weed is


-recreationally legal in all states -powers -and with Scientology going to be able to -justify telling Scientologists they are -absolutely prohibited from doing -something that is % legal and that's -when we decided to turn on turn on I hit -the record button yeah -so I well there's a couple things I -would say about that from my point of -view I never really thought about -Lafayette as being a man of his time -like that I know what you mean -time to but to me I thought that he was -just saying it's you know I thought of -it just like how Scientologists think of -it I'm basically which is that no no -it's nothing to do with that it's -because it brings the engrams into a -present time or something like that but -you know at the since I've been out of -it for so long I look back and I don't -really understand what the point of why -drugs was bad like why was that bad -again you know I still don't really get -it like yeah I understand that -speed is bad because it screws up your -body in your mind didn't that your brain -gets all screwed up okay that's pretty -clear but when it comes to things like -weed or things like like masturbation or -things like that that the general thing -that I've heard of from from him is just -like oh it brings up it brings the -engrams to present time type of type of -mentality the type of answer I still -don't really get why is that bad again -like right you know the thing like but -what does it do though like why do we -care about that so the way I could -always process that information was that -so you read Dianetics well in our cases -I didn't even read it till I was like -facking years old I didn't -pre-diabetics till I had already left -the Z or but in our case is you get -raised on the principles and dynamics at -least generally processing the -principles of Dianetics so you read -about the reactive mind you read about -how bad these engrams are you read about -how they get wrist emulator um and and -then you read that if you're tired or -you're hungry or your awareness is -otherwise suppressed tired hungry drugs -it's -easier for engrams to bearest immolated -and so once you sort of internalized -this information about engrams on the -one hand you're supposed to use -Dianetics to erase engrams but on the -other hand you're supposed to do -everything possible to prevent engrams -from being related so that you are as -much you as possible and not dramatizing -or acting out the content of your -reactive mind that's how I always took -it but then and that's fine that could -make sense to a Scientologist but then -you go okay but then it's okay to drink -alcohol and that's where I go you -couldn't say alcohol was terrible for -you at all times he couldn't he couldn't -make it against the rules to drink -alcohol because alcohol was legal -that's I'm just kind of coming up with I -think he probably I think he probably -thought to himself -yeah alcohol is that that's bad too but -I remember what happened with the -prohibition so I'm just gonna I'm just -gonna say not before auditing and a you -know saying I like the last guy that -tried to say no drinking they've turned -on him with pitchfork so uh yeah it's -fine but what don't you like again drugs -yeah I hate those too that's ugh but the -but the thing is everything you said -makes me think that that's probably why -people go clear and they think I did it -I made it because it's like now they can -masturbate and do as much drugs as they -want because they do I've reactive mind -I finally you know that's the other -thing about all this is that there's so -many things but when it comes to the -reactive mind itself it's an interesting -theory and that it's it's kind of you -know sort of out of left field and when -you take the reactive mind seriously as -Scientologists do as we both did as you -know you just think that it's real it -really it kind of there's so many -additional questions that come with it -as an answer that from a sort of Occam's -razor or scientific approach -view it's just a really bad theory -because it really only works when you -stay reading a book from it from -Lafayette and you say okay and then it -does this and that's bad and great and -then he just moves you to the next -subject and you're on to talking about -something you know thinking about -something else but when you start to dig -in and ask questions like but wait -why can I still feel that way after I'm -clear if I don't have a reactive mind -and it's like oh you're just mocking -that up it's like well then if I could -already do that and why wouldn't I have -just been mocking it up before when I -before is clear when I suppose II have -this reactive mind and there's just like -that's just one of a hundred questions -that I've have had in my mind since I -was a kid that I've never found -satisfactory answers to yes sure sure so -one of the things that well I find -interesting on this subject of what it's -supposed to mean to go clear in -Scientology what Scientologists think is -happening when they go clear so you and -I can remember you and I personally have -already discussed this but the clear -cognition when someone's getting -Dianetics auditing the thing they are -supposed to realize come to an awareness -of is oh my god as a spiritual being as -a thing I have been actively creating my -own reactive mind the whole time like -it's not something that was on autopilot -it's not something that someone else -created I've been actively creating this -thing and now that I'm aware of that I'm -not doing it anymore and holy shit when -I don't react to find just went away -because I just stopped creating it right -but so that's the clear cognition but -here's something that's so fascinating -people who are getting Dianetics -auditing do not know that that is what -the auditor is waiting to hear um -the auditor doesn't even know that's -what the auditor is waiting to hear the -case supervisor -who reviews all the auditing notes -usually does not know that's what the




-pre-clear is supposed to say -if you're in an organization where the -person is sufficiently trained the -senior case supervisor is the only one -in the organization sometimes who even -know is that's what the person is -supposed to say and my point where I'm -going with all this is that lets say the -pre-clear spits out something like that -and the auditor happens to write it down -it goes to the case supervisor it goes -to the senior case supervisor this -person could literally be attested to -the state of clear and never once be -told what it is that they said that -allowed them to attest to the state of -clear so they may not even realize that -that is what it meant to go clear to -realize they were mocking they were -creating their own reactive money now of -course no one says that realization in -quite those exact words -part of the art of figuring out if -someone is clear is getting them to sort -of say something that was close enough -that you're like okay bingo we got it we -can call this guy clear okay so my point -that was just that Scientologists who -are clear still don't necessarily know -that that is what qualified them to be -called clear but then you have this -policy in Scientology where you're not -supposed to audit Dianetics on someone -who's attested to clear and here's why -and this kind of goes back to its wager -said is that once you've realized that -as a being you were creating your own -reactive mind that's fine you as a being -you still have to be able T to create -your reactive mind it's just that you've -now decided not to do it anymore but if -you audit that person on Dianetics -you're asking the thing in to create new -mental pictures and engrams and recall -them you're actually asking them to -recreate their reactive mind and that is -why you're not allowed to audit -Dianetics on a clear and so I'm -mentioning that because you met you you -sort of alluded to this cognitive -dissonance of will have attested to -clear how come I still feel this way -this is how this is one of the ways -people justify why someone who's clear -still acts like they have a reactive -mind -they just accidentally started creating -it again oops my bad -right so there's a few things I could -say about that so first of all yeah I -didn't know about the sort of running up -the chain of command of who's allowed to -know what the cognition is the the -realization in Scientology they said -cognition for some stupid f'cking reason -it's one of those words that already has -an English word that means the exact -same thing but they just insist on -making up another one -you know like backflash when I when I -was first like out of the ranch I -remember I said the word backflash to -someone and they're like f'ck you -talking on its a backlash you know like -when you talk back to someone they're -like you mean back talk and that was -like why did they call it I didn't look -it up and dictionary wasn't there and I -was like oh it's not a real word I was -like why did they make up the word -backflash there's a readi word that's -exactly the same amount of syllables -practically the same word already called -back talk and it's more clear it's -easier anyway um I I didn't realize that -that that they had that sort of chain of -command and who's allowed to to know -what the cognition is that that part's -interesting the first thing I thought of -when you told me I think you did tell me -the clear cognition before but the first -thing I thought of when you told me it -this time what is you know what a stupid -thing to realize because if you pay -attention I know people that aren't -psychologists or weren't Scientologists -won't really get this but as you -navigate around and the the extreme -amounts of text and ideas and everything -that is Scientology I mean it's you -literally can't even imagine how many -words this guy wrote one of the core -ideas that's drilled in your head all -the time is that you are the person that -is responsible for everything there's -never anything that's put as a like -uh-oh except for that thing it's it's -everything everything in your life that -you do or that is done to you that is -affecting you that you are affecting -others with it's all completely because -of you so I think if I got to the that -that clear if I had if I had been in a -situation when somebody said like don't -you see you know you've been mocking up -your that you know your active mind this -whole time like yeah dude I learned that -on -the third week I was in Scientology I -got it yeah what's what is the big -cognition I don't understand and then -when I was thinking about that I was -thinking about remind me of something -else I'm gonna sidetrack sorry everybody -but that's what we're here for man we're -doing long-form okay I was thinking -about touch assists and I remember we -were talking about that as you see the -touch assists or nervous or whatever -contact assist and I remember we were -talking a little bit about like how you -just get tired of doing I mean like sure -I realized you know I didn't realize -that lamp was there and they're like -good enough you know and I started to -think about realizations the other night -when I was trying to sleep and I was -realizing that you know there's a lot of -processes and courses and stuff that you -do in Scientology where the EP or the -the in phenomenon of what you're -supposed to get like how you know that -you're done is that you realize -something there's a lot of them it's -very common in Scientology like you know -you're done because the PC will have a -cognition and incur to me the other day -that you know I realize stuff all the -time now just sitting around on my couch -I'm just look around go oh you know that -real I said that wire was oh there oh -that's what that guy meant you know -whatever it is and I just not like I -realized if you will that what a -convenient way to to get you know to -attribute what you're doing to that -realization it's like okay you're gonna -you're gonna make a cake and you're -gonna make that cake all day long until -you have a realization and then of -course you're making a cake and you -realize something you go my god this -works making cakes gives me realizations -and and it just made me really think -about this whole cognition idea as such -an interesting kind of sleight of hand -because Scientologists and you know -especially active Scientologists they -really believe that you get realizations -you get cognitions from doing -Scientology and yet I realize things all -any Scientology -so no I mean realizing something is like -it's just a matter of thinking about you -could sit here and think about -absolutely anything like I'm trying to -give a stupid example of what might be -able to pass as a cognition and an -auditing session -it's literally noticing or thinking -about anything new at all like I could -be sitting here watching a video about -the movement of tectonic plates and -let's just say I was in an auditing -session and whatever and for some reason -I'm running a repetitive auditing -command where it's recall something -that's really real to you recall -something that's really real to you -recall something that's really real to -you I'm like tectonic plates are really -real to me you know um the the the the -core of the earth is real to me the -cross I could see here we go -I just realized I just realized the -relationship between um the movement of -the tectonic plates and the and that the -creation of mountains it just just -became clear to me that it ever has been -before and once you've been adding the -bottoming you know how to word something -so that it truly sounds good enough to -be accepted as a cognition and you can -literally say that it could have nothing -to do with the auditing process you're -gonna have nothing to do with the -auditing session any realization about -life or any component of life or -anything at all in an auditing session -is considered a cognition and is the end -of the auditing process as long as the -PC is legitimately happy and the needle -on the emailer is floating which means -very smoothly going back and forth once -you do that boom you're done but like -you said I could sit here and literally -watch YouTube and have a hundred -cognition today yeah yeah it happens to -me all the time and I just kind of one -dose like the other night was thinking -you know I realize stuff all the time -and I don't attribute it to anything -other than I'm thinking about that thing -and a figuring stuff out or I'm just -taking a fresh look at something or you -know whatever just brand right ah -but yeah as far as drugs go there is one -thing that I -read in I will say I learned from -Scientology not to say that there's not -other places to learn but it's where I -happened to learn that drugs make you -wooden feeling mmm wouldn't it dad oh -you know what that was I think he said a -lot about that in will he probably said -it in many places but in the references -where he talked about why this -superpower auditing rundowns were so -important it was because society had -become I might be getting various -references conflated right now this -deadness this wouldn't miss this a -disassociation had a lot to do with the -drug culture and television drugs and -television and Sykes Sykes are the ones -pushing television and drugs on the kids -drugs are bad okay that's so true -but I will say the drug you know real -drugs I have personally you know I've -been walking around like a zombie and -thought to myself my god I have no -emotions I have no feeling left I just -feel like a like like wooden Lafayette -you've got one you got one buddy you got -one but but you know the whole thing -about the purest I was talking I wrote -some post about I think I've done the -pure of about four or five times now and -I've never I you know you know you're -done with the fear of when you just know -that's this the EP of the pyramids you -just you just know and so that's the -moment when you're kind of sick of doing -it and you just feel like everything's -kind of the same and it's been around -this the amount of time that you deduced -that it was supposed to be taking maybe -a little longer and then you just kind -of go like yeah I'm done and they're -like are you sure you're done you're -like oh I'm done I feel great do you -ever happen to recall if by the time on -any of your purest if by the time you -finished or by the you know by the time -you said whatever you said did you -already know damn well that that's what -you needed to say in order to be done -yeah I knew because -because the the the book the clear body -clear mind whatever it just says like -you're done when you're free of all you -know toxins and whatever and I was kind -of like you the first thing you ask this -how do you know when you're done look -you'll know you'll just know yeah and -then and then basically I think for me -then they would take you in if you think -that you're done the poyo actin on the -cans and then the like and then they'll -kind of do the whole sort of like oh I -think maybe you can do some more in -there try not to evaluate you for you -but they'll basically send you back in -for more and then I just basically you -know just game it how you do in a normal -session you just pile on okay I got to -be cheery here next time I got a really -feel it next time well yeah I mean when -they put you in the mirror and again if -anyone is knowledgeable enough to -correct me on this technically jump into -the comment section below please again -that's just them trying to get you to -say something that sounds extremely -positive they call it very good -indicators VG eyes -cheerful happy to say something and have -your needle float on the e meter because -that's supposed to be like the golden -standard for whether what you're saying -is legitimately happy alright I chalk up -finishing the purif to just having -happened to just have happen to get a -few nights are really good sleep and to -walk into the org that day in a really -good mood and being like I'm f'cking -done today I feel great you know you get -a few nights a good sleep everything -feels light and cheerful and bright -you're just in a good mood like nothing -can get me down must be rid of all those -drugs and toxins yeah and yeah the whole -pier of thing is interesting because -like me I'm out of shape I don't really -do much I just kind of go to work and I -you know I'm wooden what can I say you -know just like Lafayette said so when I -think about if I were to do the pier of -now I remember a long time ago the the -thing is that on your pure if you do I -think it's minutes of rigorous -exercise usually running each day before -you get into sauna to get your heart -rate up and there's this whole strict -thing and the -if I did nothing nothing at all but -exactly the same thing I'm doing now and -minutes of running every day for a -month I will feel amazing I feel like -the toxins are out you know call the -press this works and so you know sitting -in a sauna is is relaxing and fun and -everything and and I'm not necessarily -one to say like you know that it's -impossible that it helps you at all I -mean you're you're imparting yourself -with vitamins and water and exercise and -whatever so maybe it maybe it is a shock -to this shock to the system maybe it's -not good for you I don't really know I'm -not a doctor but I do know that there's -an easy way to again to just dispel all -of the doubt that's easy you just get -some of those guys in the white coats -with the pocket protectors and the -glasses right and they love statistics -and data they're called scientists right -you get some scientists and doctors to -evaluate somebody that has toxins and do -a bit long story short you do it one of -these like double-blind studies or -whatever and you prove that the program -works that's all you have to do I -promise you there's nobody in the world -that's trying to suppress you from doing -that no one is trying to stop you -no one's gonna falsify the data no one's -gonna you know rig the test we want it -to work if the purif worked I would be -the jumping off with the front you know -up and down on the rooftops yelling to -everybody we got to do it but there's no -proof there's no evidence -it's true and but that's the thing and -there's this concept of toxins in your -body defined toxins it's a misnomer -um yeah like like oh just don't -understand how the f'cking liver works -just because your liver filters out -toxins from your blood doesn't mean your -liver is now full of toxins that's not -how f'cking bye-bye biochemistry works -I've watched so many videos recently on -this subject -you know doing a cleanse and getting rid -of the toxins it's all horseshit -it's all horseshit but you know I was -going to say something similar to what -you just mentioned which is that there -are plenty people out there even people -who left Scientology who say the pure -have helped them the thing that I think -is important to come back to is first of -all anything can be helpful even if it's -bullshit the placebo effect is real um -but also something can be helpful but -not for the reasons Hubbard said it was -supposed to be helpful it can be helpful -for totally different reasons kind of -what you said if you're a couch potato -and you're just living a shiftless life -and you know yeah and you now go to -doing minutes of cardio every day and -taking vitamins and you know that once -you start doing that you automatically -watch what you eat they tell you not to -change your diet but that's bullshit -everyone's like I'm healthy now I'm on -the pier so they start eating a little -better they have to be sessionable so -they get enough sleep they're taking -vitamins you know being in a sauna feels -good being a surfer and and eventually -someone gets to a point where they're -like I feel better now so they're also -being told that that's how they're -supposed to feel you're supposed to feel -better that's how this works this is -going to make you feel better um you -know I did an interview a few days ago -with Marcus Sawyer he was having heavy -heavy hallucination like / -hallucinating in life and for him doing -the purif did help minimize his -hallucinations we can't say why it did -but we also can't say that it works the -way Hubbard said it works right um what -I want to say on that one thing there -though you said that they don't ask you -to change the diet but that's not -entirely true because I remember -specifically that it does say like it's -like oh just eat the normal stuff you -eat you know like tons of raw veggies -and like you don't I mean like all this -tons of this like organic this and and -you're going like yeah I don't think -anyone eats that but okay I'd have to -look at the references oh I remember it -saying don't change your diet and you're -not supposed to you're not supposed to -be losing -they would consider that a bad thing -yeah the losing weight they they what -they do is they give you a bunch of oil -to cap to counteract it and that oil it -doesn't do anything so you just keep -losing weight and they're just you're -drinking more and more disgusting oil -with that -what's that granular Schlesser thing -they left it then yeah and so you're -just you're like washing down these -beady little weird tasting things and -then all this oil is really disgusting -actually but yeah and of course I'm sure -different pure if I sees I see and -Scientology ins for in charge so the -person in charge of the pier if is -called the purify sea I'm sure many of -them do it different ways but um what -the hell are we talking about oh just -just acknowledging the fact that there -are people who do feel this helps them -there's no evidence that it helps people -for the reason Hubbard says it helps -people and in fact there's tons of -evidence that it doesn't mom and you -know two things I want to touch on not -specific about the purif but in general -kind of tangents but at least you know -relatively related to the overall -subject we're discussing here so the -reactive mind I don't believe anything -in Dianetics works the way Hubbard says -it works but you also have psychiatry -and Freud's work and whatnot um this is -an area where I have opinions about -something that I'm not not only might -not an expert in I'm barely -knowledgeable in this area at all as far -as what Hubbard Freud ever really said -or wrote I've never studied his books -I've never taken any classes or courses -um and I'm saying that because being as -ignorant on the subject as I am I'm -still I am NOT impressed with this stuff -I've heard regurgitated from Freud I go -I'm sorry that sounds just as much -bullshit as the f'cking stuff Hubbard -said but again I realized that my -opinion is still sort of based in -ignorance um I might be educated and -have the same opinion but I'm just -saying you know what you know what I -mean uh so the reason I meant bringing -this up is because the reactive mind is -analogous to whatever the subconscious -mind is supposed to be in psychiatry in -psychology -whatever the subconscious is supposed to -be in those subjects is -what the reactive mind is in Scientology -this concept that you don't call it the -unconscious mind because it's the only -mind that's always conscious it's always -recording and it's always reacting even -when your analytical mind is fully -suppressed and my understanding is that -that is how the subconscious mind is -supposed to work in psychiatry and -psychology so it would probably more -productive have this conversation with -someone who really knew what the f'ck -they were talking about but I wanted to -ask you your opinion on this people say -you know it's easy to say oh Dianetics -is completely horseshit and hubbard made -it all up and invented it all um he -certainly created the whole construct -that is Dianetics but let's not pretend -that he didn't completely found the -entire thing on what had already been -researched or whatever as far as the -subconscious mind goes how related do -you feel the the reactive month the -reactive mind of Dianetics is to the -subconscious mind of psychiatry and -psychology do you have any opinion on -that well first of all thank you for -suggesting that I don't know what the -fack I'm talking about oh maybe you do -I've never asked you know I don't know I -didn't really don't I talk about my ass -but I I know I know as much as a -freshman high school dropout would know -so there you go so my opinion is that -useful but there's a there's just -something interesting which is kind of a -side point to what you're saying so I -won't go too far into it which is that -I've noticed that he does that a lot -Lafayette where he will grab on to an -existing idea and then kind of tweak it -I go look at this brand new thing which -is really just I think what sets the -precedent for people to be so eager to -get into alternative medicine and -alternative solutions and this is a -superfood and this is the way out and it -really appeals to those people where -it's like no it's not that it's this and -it's almost exactly the same thing in -your friend zone I think that's still -just this with some weird little spin on -it -but another thing there is that there's -a difference there's there's another -difference I think which is that my -understanding of the sort of the real -worlds idea of what the subconscious is -is that it wouldn't be able it wouldn't -necessarily be aware on any level when -you're for example under the knife -getting surgery it may be active you may -be having some experience but it doesn't -know that you're in surgery and what's -going on around you necessarily now you -see that sometimes in TV shows or -whatever but I don't know that that that -the you know that the medical community -what was like to psychiatrists or -psychologists or whatever -as you can see em I I'm still foggy on -what the hell did it is but I'm not sure -that they would say that that's real I -don't know but in Scientology -psychiatrists have to be MDS and can -prescribe medicine and psychologists are -not MDS and cannot prescribe medicine -done that's the only difference -so in psychiatrists you come from the -planet parsec and are evil and -psychologists are just pts to them so if -I go get some psychiatric education I'm -suddenly now from another planet I like -how that works out like we're engineers -from cuz I can go get an engineering -degree boom now I'm from Neptune so -you're saying that the subconscious mind -isn't something in the normal world that -can record moments of unconsciousness -whereas in Scientology the diet and -Dianetics the reactive mind is recording -moments of pain and unconsciousness I -believe I believe I may be wrong because -I'm also doing with the hell I'm talking -about but I believe that that's a -difference is that because basically for -people that don't know sort of this area -of the reactive mind discussion if I -were totally unconscious if I got hit by -a car or I'm in a coma or I'm getting -surgery in Scientology -you know world my reactor mine would -still be recording everything as -in-ground right the I'm still getting -affected by everything that's happening -around me whether or not I know it at -some basically later later date and they -kind of they talk about it very directly -I mean Lafayette very sort of you're -walking down the street and you see a -red you know I don't know the exactly -the example but you see a red dress and -then your leg hurts well that's because -your leg Donna you know hurt by somebody -who's wearing red two years ago or -something and I've always noticed that -that I've never noticed that actually -happening to me -which is another weird things mean like -never ever not once you know you would -think that and all the times I've -stubbed my toe or you know had some even -really bad painful you know thing -happened to me like when I track sure my -wrist into multiple places I remember -virtually everything about that accident  - a few times of you know kind of -blacking out or just you know moments of -flying through the air you don't really -paying attention and everything that I -can come across from that time I have I -mean motorcycle the same truck the guys -name the the school the city I was in -the circumstances I was in everything -and I've never once been like oh my -wrist or oh my anything else that that -was damaged that day and and so I think -that that's kind of a the whole Engram -thing is it can be almost completely -written off I just I really kind of want -to believe it because it gives you that -there's some way some direct -back-channel to like solve all of life's -problems but I don't see any evidence of -it and i actually have looked for -evidence for a long time in my own self -in my own experience and i have not -found any like none I have never ever so -a true the true believer hurts that's -because of that thing that reminds me of -so a true Dionysus would say you're not -supposed to ever be able to analytically -like you personally if you're talking -about you being related you're not -supposed to ever be able to personally -connect the dots between the Engram and -your present time pain painful emotion -either physical pain or emotional pain -your reactive mind is supposed to always -make what's happening to you in present -time make perfect sense and so and there -was something else I was gonna say on -that there was a to that point don't you -think that that's a little weird that we -would design a system that's entire -purpose is to protect you right it's -it's from a long time ago I'm not sure -people know I like sort of how the -reactive mind supposedly came about but -basically it's it's sort of it's served -its purpose it was useful a long time -ago and now it doesn't really work and -it's sort of the basic idea about -spending hours on it is that back when -you know you're running around and -everything was gonna eat you you go down -in a cave and something attacks you and -hurts you and kills you or whatever the -next time you're not really you're not -going to go back down in that cave that -that type of app idea but if you're -designing that kind of system it seems -like the first most important thing you -would want it to do is when you see that -cave you think why am I thinking of a -lion eating my face right now every time -I look at that cave I believe it you -throw a lion seat in my face No thank -you I'll go this way -but of course there's some reason some -justification for why oh no no no yeah -that's you could never really see it you -know right yeah no I'm glad you -mentioned that because I had sort of -forgot to connect those dots like -Hubbard's theory is that in lower order -lower order organisms that works -strictly on a stimulus-response basis -the reactive mind exists to allow them -to survive by taking previous moments of -pain and unconsciousness and -automatically bringing them back into -play sort of bringing almost the lessons -of those things back into place that you -can avoid danger and pain and now that -we've evolved in -I can't remember if Dianetics even talks -about that this is something the -reactive mind is something that we have -retained from literally earlier steps in -evolution like not just pre humanoid -forms but you know back when we were -still monkeys or mollusks or you know -whatever Hubbard says we were I can't -remember if he says we have retained -that from millions of years ago but now -that we are higher order beings higher -order organisms he wasn't talking about -things and Dianetics yet that it's now a -hindrance to us whereas it used to aid -our survival it now hurts our survival -um budget which is problematic I almost -can't even let you finish to that -because it's that opens up a whole -plethora of problems in this theory like -if if that were if it was literally that -linear linear and what you're saying is -you're also saying then therefore that -lower life-forms can evolve into higher -it life-forms like us and not the other -way around -so I or your sludge your little worm or -whatever cannot have a thetan because -that Phaeton would bring with it its -reactive mind that's true but just -remember dynamics he wasn't talking -about things yet what do you mean he was -talking about Payton's went back when he -was Buddha years ago or whatever -no no literally he didn't start saying -he was Buddha until late until well -after Dianetics no and but again what -you're pointing out just brings to light -all the contradictions later in -Scientology he then started saying he -was Buddha but then if he was Buddha -then why wasn't he talking about -anything spiritual in Dianetics -Dianetics was supposed to be his science -of the mind that he tried to give as a -gift to the medical and psychiatric -communities he wasn't talking about past -lives he wasn't talking about things or -spirits or religion it was supposed to -be just a f'ackingscience and then and -then science of survival the second book -started to touch on past lives and that -was the stepping stone into Scientology -because you only have past lives if you -if they -if we're just the that's the that's the -one that Scientologists at least that -I've known identify as that's the first -book of Scientology which is like -survival yeah it's kind of weird to -explain to people like no Dianetics yeah -I just say yeah as far as I'm college -even though technically the way that -they think about it is it's like a -precursor to Scientology but but the way -I always always you know taught about -dayton's is that they're just very -dynamic like you could have a thetan -just over there -you could have a say in it your cat -could have Dayton most of them would -which again starts to get weird when you -say what about the ones that don't what -is right that word again I think it -sounded like I was disagreeing with you -a moment ago but really I was agreeing -with you it's just the timeline of it -you're right -Scientologists think things can occupy -any life form or even inanimate objects -for that matter -yet in Dianetics you're talking about -this evolution um but but that's where -again that's why you get the -contradiction that was because he wasn't -even talking or thinking about Fagin's -or past lives when he wrote Dianetics -even though then later on he started -acting like no he's been this spiritual -pen before thousands of years so you're -like then why did you forget to bring -that shit up and Dianetics that yeah -really you know he was actually just -dipping the lady's from from what I from -what I've seen so this this is gonna -bring them up again for those who -haven't seen him yet this is my boy so -he's actually relevant to the discussion -right now because he's a very tough guy -okay this is like a Alley Cat -extraordinaire like it really can kick -some ass he's huge I don't know if he -can tell how big he's enormous -so anyway how much does he weigh I don't -know -I'm scared away him cuz I'm he's so big -but this cat okay he was sitting on the -couch and he heard there was some like -tapping oh I'm sure my being too loud -there was some tapping on the wall -somebody next door doing something -whatever and the look in his eyes right -was like I don't know if you've had -before but you look in his eyes and your -let you're going that is the exact look -that I would have if I were remembering -the time that a Tyrannosaurus Rex tapped -on the wall and then tore through it and -chewed up me and my whole family right -it's just like he's going oh it's just -like tap tap tap tap tap tap and -Scientologists would tend to think oh -that's his reactive mind I did this is -it he's he's getting or stimulated about -something that has happened who knows -been who knows when -which again contradicts what sound what -it sounds like -Lafayette was saying in Dianetics -because it's kind of like oh wait why -does he have all of that and then I'm -also finding out that he has a baton so -that baton can just be a human next life -nothing stopping it so then you see I'm -saying it's kind of like well sure no I -guess it brings up the question is -Hubbard saying that the reactive mind -follows the organism through the -evolutionary track or does the reactive -mind follow the things that are -occupying the organisms and I follow the -whole organism because well do you -remember all that bullshit about the GE -the genetic entity that was supposed to -be sort of the reactive mind / Satan -sludge


.....No the conversation about living in Scientology between Aaron Smith-Levin and Nathan Ritch became to long to be practical and manageable as easily as thought.





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