Did Charles Manson get a Scientology hate website?

December 24, 2017

Why did not Charles Manson get a Scientology Hate Websites? Scientology loves celebrities and Charles Manson is one of the most globally known celebrity's that's ever been into Scientology.


being a celebrity of huge scary proportion and even having had the ability of expressing public critic to Scientology (WISE, Dianetics, ABLE, L Ron Hubbard, LRH and associated) usually renders an automatic and strictly personal hate website online as we saw in the example with Aaron Smith Levin it took only some hours after his appearance in the Leah Remini show Scientology The Aftermath.



Adding Sneeze in mathematics


to get more viral in the media by the oddly strangeness of Scientology images projected (yes here we will show some of the strangely imagined pictured but not link to the weirdo sources Scientology Hate Websites.

Adding weird lines, for like the lead in logistics to ... the odd events of Scientology Commercial hate websites. What an odd business, but strictly logical since anyone who leaves scientology must be mad after leaving and speaking out against Scientology. (at least in the very Short perspective)




And figging the viral in G - But can scientology or any Scientologist never be ashamed of the behaviors of the stringent narrative in the play of the concerted orchestra?



The now Deceased Mr. Charles Manson thought and said that "Scientology was to crazy for him"


So the ordinarily logic's goes - as soon as a strong powerful person leaving the business cult of Scientology (that loves to label itself as a church) a hate-site comes quickly up there with all ugly photos available of you. To shamefully kill a decent image of your face & interface.


Or is it a fact that every person who left scientology feels better, and hence has to be painted black? 

But if it was so bad outside of the business cult why does so many leading figures stay outside of the cult?



Time to do the math and counting the aftermath

 Aaron Smith-Levin Scientology growing

Speaks about Scientology Hate Websites, like the one he himself got after taking part in Leah Remini Scientology the Aftermath.



To the fractaline


L Ron Hubbard loves LRH and his works Dianetics, the foundation to scientology.

But are Scientology never ashamed about how the stalker websites and hate homepages lift it's founders name into the trademarkstgrategy of commercial hate websites, to show the few inside the bussiness of Scientology that those who leaving and speak out are just criminal lunatics





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